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Where or where did my little friends go . . .

It occurs to me that the ADA's lovely LJ Community has been sorely out of use lately and I thought, "Hey, I'm done with finals and have a bit of spare time. Why not see if we can get some action going again? God knows we could all use a little bit of action." Heh, yeah I will be here all day for your enjoyment. Ok well most likely not all day, but you get the idea. In any case . . .

So down to business! It seems that recently on other LJ's there has been a bit of drama. Not mine of course, I'm such a nice girl, but others have not been as happy and level headed as your favorite DE (shut up Mans, they all like me better and you should just get used to it). So in the spirit of good natured fun and getting to know one another I thought we could have a little gossip column of sort. Not a "I heard Les got Chrissie pregnant" kind of column, but just some chattery and funness.

My query for the day: If there was anyone on the board who you think it would be a bad idea to piss off, who would it be and why? (In other words: Who do you fear most?) Or do you think you are the scariest MoFo there is?

Now that is not brought on by anything other than idle curiousity. Have fun kids! :)
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