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16. Do it. Do it now.

This is an OOC look at the IC stuff, so actual Demons don't have access to this capice? 'Cause if they did, secrets would get out ;)

Your character's...
-Weapon of choice:
-Most treasured power in their scope:
-Most hated FGB power they've come across in battle:
-Most hated ADA power they've come across in battle:
-Demon they would take with them to a deserted island to have fun with (interpret that in any way you wish):
-Demon they would torture gladly:
-Comment they would make if they faced of with the teletubbies (only asking this question because I had no choice in the Danger Room lol *shakes fist*):
-Have they ever heard of a purplemonekydishwasher?
-TUE they would work with:
-Guide they would work against:
-If the Source was hunting them down, where or how would they take cover?
-They have no choice but to spend one day doing a human's job. What would it be and in what part of the globe would it take place?
-Dark Secretaries: Meredith (Nocturne), Blake (Hyde) and 'The Blonde guy' (Ante.. Auto) face off. Who would win?
-Which of the Hamilton (as scene xD.. as seen in TAC) sisters is ditzier?
-Most likely Hellfire place they would be found inside (either in a drunken bar brawl or on a sexual prowl)?
-Demon they respect:

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